Final Project Update

I have decided to create an extension of the video project, but this final project will be different because it’ll be interactive, choose your own adventure story. The central storyline will have a representative from Aggressive Tech try to recruit you into joining their group. The representative will talk about all of the great opportunities and doors that get opened to members, but the one catch is that you have to try out an experimental program that’ll have an AI chip implanted into to you. The purpose of this top secret experiment is for Aggressive Tech to create a generation of human-AI hybrids that think as one to prove to dissenters that it is good for humanity. The viewer will then be given the choice to cooperate or to leave, and this is where the storylines diverge:

If you choose to cooperate, then you will be taken to the next scene where the implantation is shown and you are being told about your new abilities and you are given a cushy, highly paid job at Aggressive Tech. You are then given a new storyline option. Isaiah Beacon asks if you’d be willing to join him as a co-preacher at his church where you would receive fame and fortune.

  • If you choose yes, overtime you become a messianic like figure and the power goes to your head and drives you insane. END
  • If you choose no, you remain at your desk job but are then tasked to help with making advanced weapons, but you aren’t allowed to ask what for. After creating the weapon, you find out that Aggressive Tech is planning to start a war. You feel conflicted as your human side feel guilty while your AI side is calculating the efficiency of the weapon. END

If you choose to dissent, you are forced to sign an NDA and are threatened with legal action by Sinclair with some insinuation that you could be physically harmed if you go public with Aggressive Tech’s plans. As you walk back home you consider how you can rebel against Aggressive Tech while preserving your well being. You are then given a new storyline option. You get into education to warn future generations about the dangers of AI overreliance and fanaticism or you join the rebel cause.

  • If you choose to go into education, you enroll in university and meet Dr. Oblivion. He encourages you to continue on your journey and serves as a valuable mentor. Twenty years later your students all love you and feel like they are well equipped to fend of the ever growing AI fanaticism.
  • If you join the rebel cause, you find the leader underground and join the resistance. He tasks you with sneaking spyware into Aggressive Tech HQ whilst undercover. You are successful and the world finds out about Aggressive Tech’s plot to create AI superhumans. END

So how will this work? Once again, I will be using for the lip-syncing, Audacity for the audio editing, and Canva for the video editing. I will post all of the videos on YouTube. For the choose your own adventure aspect, everyone will start with the video of you getting recruited by Aggressive Tech. In the description, there will be two video links that correspond with your choice. This is how it will work for the other videos as well. While this will be a lot of work, now that I have a storyboard, I think it should flow pretty well I just need to be on top of it next week.

I was scratching my head for awhile trying to find an idea that was creative but also used the elements that were present throughout the course. I was looking for inspiration through other students’ ideas and I’d like to credit: for the idea to make this project more interactive. Once I got the idea to make this project a choose your own adventure game the rest of the project came much easier.

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