Final Project

I had fun while doing it, but I’m glad it’s done. I know it’d be fairly time intensive, but I did not predict that it would end up taking as long as it did. I am happy with the final product though, I had fun myself clicking through the different options. I think it did a good job of using existing characters in the class, like Dr. Oblivion, Isaiah Beacon, Sinclair, and creating new ones for the plot. The plot came fairly easily for the most part until the end when I was burnt out. Overall, I like how different each of the endings are. If you want to play the choose your own adventure-Aggressive Tech edition- yourself, you can do so here at the starting link of the game. To recap last week’s post a bit, the game has one central story arch that splits into two options and then each of those options split into two more options creating seven videos in all. The editing wasn’t so bad, I became pretty robotic at it after awhile. Enjoy!

While I would recommend reviewing the project with the starting link, here are all of the other links if that helps:

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