Final Weekly Summary!!!

I can’t believe it, we’ve reached the final weekly summary. As you can imagine, the workload for my project took a decent amount of time. I do think my project did a good job of adding in different elements throughout the course while still being creative. In particular, my project included audio editing, video editing, and a little bit of graphic design. As always, the final week of class is the most work intensive, so juggling this project while managing all of my other assignments was a bit difficult. I am glad, however, that I was able to get this done a day early because I couldn’t have been able to finish all of the time needed if I had started tomorrow. You can find my final project here. While writing the script and the story for this assignment was the most difficult, I am always surprised by how this class unleashes my inner creativity. I am still surprised by how crazy my story ended up being and how each of the different endings are so different. I hope that all of the different endings give people incentive to finish each of the different storylines.

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