Week 12 Summary

While the video project required a lot of time and effort, it was overall a very fun week! Starting with the daily creates, I was somewhat dismayed that there were more poetry options than I would’ve liked. The one that caused me the most trouble was the Eclipse Blackout Poetry as I had a hard time picking out words that meant anything. I then figured that a lot of poetry doesn’t make a lot of sense to me anyways so I went a little random with it. You can find all of my daily creates here.

My video project went really well! This time around, I was able to use tools that didn’t cause me any issues it was mostly just a tad editing intensive. I am very grateful that this assignment didn’t cause me to pull any hair out. I am also glad that I started this assignment a bit early because it did take a little time to put all of the clips together. You can find the assignment here.

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