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As I described in my video plan last week, my video project revolved around a debate between my character, Isaiah Beacon and Dr. Oblivion. The video starts off with Isaiah preaching about the dangers of anti-AI sentiment in higher education. He then says that he has set up a formal debate between himself and Dr. Oblivion. I decided to make the AI-version of myself be the moderator because it was just funny to me and made this more entertaining to make. After Dr. Oblivion and Isaiah both answer three questions related to the use of AI in higher education, Dr. Oblivion is the clear winner. Isaiah Beacon then says he will establish his own university to undercut the damage of secular education.

This project was super fun to make! The final product is very goofy and awkward looking but I think that this style just made the process more fun and I was laughing throughout the whole process, so to me it was a success! I didn’t really run into any technical hiccups, it was mostly just time consuming.

I used a few different tools for this project. I found an AI tool online called that added the lip sync animation. Using this tool was much easier than the wav.lip tool that I was never able to figure out the last time. All needed was the image and the audio and it produced the animation within a few seconds. I got the audios from a few different sources. For Isaiah’s voice, I used, which was the same place I got his voice from for the radio project. I used Narakeet for my robotic voice, and of course I downloaded the Dr. Oblivion audio for his voice. I used Canva to edit all of the clips together. I added the book flipping video and audio using their elements, as well as their clapping audio. I also used their background removal tool so I can add more environment appropriate backgrounds to each of the scenes.

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  1. This was a great combination of various elements! I especially liked the book opening up at the beginning and closing at the end. The lip-syncing was well done too.

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