Weekly Summary

I started off this week with the Daily Creates. I think whatever algorithm used to select the daily creates was on our side this week, and there were some really easy ones to complete. In other weeks, it may have taken my awhile to figure out how to go about solving/ figuring out the daily create, so I was grateful for the lighter load. I first started by using the Mutsuacen website and creating a “Swag” floating in the wind and surrounded by colorful dots. I then had to determine the meaning of a more ominous image, and I decided that it was the secret entrance to a military base. Finally, I was asked to write a message for a sky writer, and I couldn’t get a “drink more ovaltine” out of my head so I went with it. You can find these posts here.

I was a little bit nervous about the 3 audio assignments as it had been years since I last messed around with Audacity, but luckily it wasn’t bad at all. I mostly focused on posts that allowed me to mix different sounds together for my AI/character implementations. I also enjoyed the Chrome Music Labs assignment as it allowed me to view the music more visually. The blog post can be found here.

The audio storytelling assignment left me stumped for awhile, so I decided to go with a more basic formula with a dragon and knight in shining armor. My favorite part of this assignment was collecting and listening through all of the free audio resources to find the audios that suited my story just right. I thought this assignment would take me longer to do, but it was fairly easy to think of different sounds that needed to be in the story. The blog can be found here.

The radio shows assignment was my favorite for the week because I feel like the radio show project is so perfect for my character, Isaiah Beacon. He already has his own media empire and is always looking for more avenues to preach his pro-AI gospel, so I feel like he will really take advantage of the radio show idea. He will definitely be very confrontational with anyone who disagrees with him. You can read more about that here.

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