Week 9 Summary

I feel good about this week, especially knowing that my group made decent progress on the project. With group work, it’s always a hit or miss if members will actually be responsive and contribute especially in an online class, but so far everyone seems to be pulling their weight.

Starting with the daily creates, you can find my responses here. The flower bead and futuristic bike prompts were pretty easy to complete but I had more difficulty with the hobbit and witch prompt. I think that I have a much easier time overall creating the visual prompts rather than the written ones. This is kind of interesting as the visual prompts often require a bit more work, but I barely suffer a mental block like I do for the written ones.

I had the most fun with the audio assignments. I liked drawing upon my real world experiences listening to podcasts and how the commercials, intros, and outros typically sound and applying it the world of my character and the ideas for our group project. I didn’t have any difficulty completing these. I created a commercial that promotes Isaiah Beacon Ministries and an outro where Isaiah plugs all of his content. You can find that assignment here.

I then created a bumper sticker for the podcast, as I figured most people listen to those in the car anyways. Again, no difficulties here. I did spend a bit of time messing around with wording on it as you want to make it as brief and straight to point as possible. I decided to make it more simple all around because I’d mostly want people to focus on the name of the podcast anyways. You can find that assignment here.

Finally, I wrote about the radio show progress, which was helpful for me to see what I have done and what still needs to be done. This assignment was fairly easy to complete as we had already shared a document so I could see what we’ve done in a list format. I also had the chats from Discord and texting, which helped. You can find that assignment here.

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