Week 8 Summary

This was a fairly light week in terms of work, and I’m definitely not complaining!

My favorite assignment was the AI Pitch. It was actually very helpful looking through all of the AI on Rundown AI for my own research. I even downloaded an ecommerce tool to help me out at work by automating the process of writing a product description. I actually had an impromptu meeting with a developer who wanted to build an LLM for our website doing something similar, so I was grateful that I had already done some research on the topic and could ask more questions. I didn’t have any issues with this assignment and used it as an opportunity to expand the IBU (Isaiah Beacon Universe) by writing as his personal assistant.

Choosing my group was fairly straightforward, and I’m happy that it’ll be a lot easier to start now that we’ve begun communicating. I joined my group because I liked the idea to discuss AI from different perspectives. When thinking about my character and this idea, I definitely think that my character will be very confrontational with any anti-AI figures and will try to steal the show in general.

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