Week 7 Summary

After a week filled with job interview prep and studying for midterms, I was very happy to have such a great week in DS 106! I really love all of the assignments that center around my character, Isaiah Beacon as he fits into this AI universe so well. I was fortunate enough not to run into any technical hiccups this week, which was very nice after last week.

Starting with the Daily Creates, I think that they went well this week. I think we got lucky and got a bunch of easy options. I particularly enjoyed looking through a bunch of puppy photos for the pure picture prompt. You can find all of my responses here.

The propaganda assignments came very naturally as Isaiah already owns a media empire that pumps out a lot of media. The PSA assignment was probably my favorite assignment, as the idea of a robot political advertisement made me laugh. I also enjoyed having the robot slip up in his script and then restart because this added a more comedic, human element. You can find that assignment here. Likewise the propaganda assignment happened fairly easily as well. I got lucky enough to find a graphic on Canva that perfectly matched what I was looking for. The catchphrase for the poster also came to me easily, and I think in the end it all looked very nice together. You can find that assignment here. The reactions assignment also went well, and I had a fun time getting into the head space of Isaiah and relaying his reactions to each of the poster. My favorite one was definitely from the Hurkle-Durkling blog. You can find that assignment here.

Overall, a very good and fun week of assignments!

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