Week 5 Summary

This week was probably my best week out of the semester so far because I liked the assignments the most and I was able to start earlier than I normally do. It was definitely a relief not to be doing the assignments last minute. Both of the Daily Creates were easy/fun to do. I particularly enjoyed the creating a weirdly specific sign create. You can find both of my creates here.

The scene analysis may have been my favorite assignment so far. I remember doing a couple of similar assignments in high school where I did a text analysis of a music video and a video essay on the themes of an entire movie. While this assignment was easier time wise than a video essay, it still required me to be more specific as I was only analyzing one scene. I chose the Stepford Wives because, while I have never watched it, I know that there’s a lot of commentary about gender roles in the film and I was interested to see if there was an intersection between those themes and AI. For help with this analysis, Dr. Oblivion was very helpful in giving his insights. The hardest part of this assignment was looking through each of the clips to see which ones had the most meaningful moments of analysis. Once I chose the scene though, editing and doing a voiceover for the video was very easy. You can find the assignment here.

Finally, I took a look at my goals from the beginning of the semester. While I satisfied them on a surface level, I think there’s still some room for improvement. You can find that post here.

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