Week 2 Summary

This week definitely had a bit of a learning curve. I didn’t go into this week expecting to be spending more time on assignments than I did last week. Last week, I was able to finish all of the assignments in a short period of time which lead to me not giving myself enough time this week. Oh well, we live and we learn for next week. The daily creates threw me off a bit as I wasn’t paying attention to the daily aspect of the course, but I’ll make to block off enough time next week. Here is the link to my Twitter where I posted each one.

My favorite assignment for the week was definitely the assignment bank one. I had a lot of fun with all of the variety and coming up with different ways to integrate AI. I am especially proud of my Vogue Magazine cover where I used an AI generated image of myself for the cover.

I also found the Techno-Optimist Manifesto assignment to be fairly interesting. While I cannot say that I am convinced by the claims in the manifesto it was cool to read about the development of AI in a way that made it seem virtuous. While my film does portray AI negatively, I think that there are a lot more parallels between the manifesto and the film than what’s on the surface so I enjoyed drawing out those comparisons.

Taking inspiration from the manifesto, I created my course character to be an evangelist and prophet for AI. Isaiah Beacon preaches on the ultimate good of AI development and is inspired by the 1970s, televangelist archetype.

I’ll be honest, when rewriting my film review, Dr. Oblivion wasn’t very helpful. While I’m impressed by his knowledge and the project as a whole, his feedback didn’t give me anything to go off of or ways to improve it. I then asked him what he thought the main themes of AI in the film were and I included one of his top themes.

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  1. I agree that there was a learning curved to everything for this week. I had to make sure that I reminded myself to do the daily creates everyday so that I did not miss one since we had to do 5 this week. But like you said, we live and we learn! One thing that I found works for me, was to have the daily create be the first thing that I do in the morning after getting ready since they do not normally take too long. Good luck for the rest of the semester!

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