Week 10 Summary

This was a great week! None of the assignments gave me any issues and I am very proud of the radio show.

The radio show assignment went even better than I thought it would. My group decided last minute to change up how we were going to record it, but it was definitely for the best and I think it turned out great. I enjoyed getting even more creative with my character and giving him a voice through this assignment. I am also happy with my group in general and how the work was split up and how everyone was pulling their weight. When I first read the assignment description weeks ago, I was nervous that it’d be a stressful group project, but this was probably one of my easier weeks. You can find the assignment here: http://melealineberry.com/uncategorized/radio-show-progress-2/

Daily Creates went well. I am very grateful for the DALL-E integration into Canva which turned my ideas into life. You can find my responses here: https://social.ds106.us/@melea_line

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