Video Plan

For general context, I plan on telling the story through a story book animation. So in between scenes, there will be a page flip. Here is an outline for the story:

  • My character Isaiah Beacon will be on stage filming a sermon for his audience and he will go into the horrors of the secular education system against AI. He’ll preach against strict AI tool bans in college classrooms. He’ll then announce that he’s arranged a televised debate against him and a prominent AI professor about the proper use of AI in the classroom, Dr. Oblivion.
  • Dr. Oblivion and Isaiah Beacon are at opposing podiums, and the moderator will end up asking 3 questions and they will each give a response and back and forth.
  • Dr. Oblivion will come out as the obvious winner with cheering from the audience, and Isaiah leaves upset.
  • Isaiah returns to his audience and warns them that the problem in higher education is even worse than he thought. He then unveils his plans for a new university, Isaiah Beacon University, that’ll properly promote AI in its curriculum.
  • The end.

3 thoughts on “Video Plan

  1. ohhh i really like the way you’re imagining this, sort of in a live audience and a debate! kind of reminds me of the super stressful, miserable presidential debates . . .

    good luck with this!! excited to see how it comes out 🙂

  2. This sounds like a fun plan. Dr. Oblivion can be unpredictable, but I’m sure you can find ways to work with what he gives you.

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