Stepford Wives Scene Analysis

I decided to go with the 1975 Stepford Wives film for this assignment because I think that the intersection of fears of gender roles and AI creates an interesting discussion. Dr. Oblivion was especially helpful with this research and pointed out ideas I hadn’t thought of, like how women may fear being seen or used as a tool in the same way that we would use AI as a tool. I used Clipchamp as that it the editing software that comes with my computer and it is what I am most familiar with. The editing process wasn’t bad at all. I think the most time consuming part of this assignment was picking out the right scene and writing down notes for analysis. I wanted to pick a scene that was fairly easy to analyze with simple elements such as sound design and color contrasting, and I think this scene fits the bill. I had done a film analysis for another class in the past, but I think this was even more difficult because you had to pay more attention and pick apart such a small clip. Overall I enjoyed this assignment!

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