Radio Show Progress

This week, my group did a pretty good job communicating and picking a time to meet. I found my group through the shared Google Sheet, and then I emailed the existing members and sent them my phone number to create a group chat with. We then created a Discord group and started communicating on there from that point forward. Before we met over Discord, we shared a group document where everyone put a bit of information about their characters and ideas for the radio show so we’d be more prepared for our meeting.

When we met, we finalized a topic and spent some time brainstorming podcast names. We also discussed what we thought each of our character’s roles should be in the show and sort of talked about how the format should go. We exchanged ideas on how we could seamlessly use AI in our show, as myself and another member need to use a voice changer for our characters. We also talked a bit about the assignments for this week and helped each other come up with ideas to fulfill the requirements. This was also important to make sure there wasn’t too much overlap in what each of us were doing.

Most importantly, we agreed to continue working on the script and committed to a time next week to record the show. We decided that instead of creating a line by line script, each of us would contribute a few ideas that our characters would like to talk about on a shared doc and then the other team members write their character’s responses.

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