Propaganda Poster

As my character, Isaiah Beacon, is an evangelist for AI, I decided to make a poster that would elevate AI from an object to a more human level. It definitely benefits Beacon’s message to anthropomorphize robots so people become more accepting of their use. I could definitely see him promoting a one-ness with AI as depicted in the graphic in the future as he believes in a sort of manifest destiny where humans and robots are destined to become one.

For this poster, I wanted it to have a catchphrase as the main eye grabber followed by the picture and then the explanation. I feel like I accomplished that here. I think propaganda is supposed to stir up some controversy and I think that the catchphrase and the graphic would incite pushback, but Isaiah would be able to backpedal with the explanation and say, “I only meant that we need to stop hating AI, nothing else.” I thought that using the blue theme would be interesting as there’s a contrast between the peaceful blues and the more confrontational font and wording choices.

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