For this assignment, I was lucky to get some fun and easy photo tasks. The tasks were:

  • Let’s play with movement. Get a shot of something in motion.
  • Square is hip! Lose the rectangle. A photo with square (1:1) aspect ratio.
  • Today’s theme is “3”. Make a photograph that features the number itself or otherwise represents 3 items.
  • Take a picture of construction.
  • Make a creative photo of paired opposites.
  • Make a photo dominated by your favourite colour and share it!
  • Take an extreme close-up of an easily recognizable, common object.

click for another list.

I did not need the whole 20 minutes! The only task I wasn’t able to complete was the taking a picture of construction because, for the first time in my 4 years at UMW, there wasn’t any construction to take a picture of. The timestamp pictures are below.

My first task was a picture of an item in movement, so I took a video of a pen being thrown and screenshotted it when it was mid-air.

I then let this very nice plant model for the 1:1 photo task.

I then took a picture of three items; my keys, my cup, and some hand sanitizer.

In Canva, I created a design with paired opposites. I decided to play off the “pair” idea and made a pair of converse, one white and one black.

I again used Canva to create a design with my favorite color and I used some of my favorite items. I do have a yellow pair of shoes, backpack, phone, etc.

Finally, I let an orange chair in the library model for my close up.


When I first got my list, I definitely groaned a bit. I thought I’d be embarrassed taking these pictures in a public area and I didn’t think I’d be able to take them all in the time frame. Luckily, no one was really around so I was fine there and I was surprised by how quickly I was able to finish this assignment. It also forced me to creatively come up with a satisfactory picture in a short period of time and get out of my comfort zone.

One thought on “Photoblitz

  1. you’re better than me going with your original list even if you groaned about it because I got mine and went Nope and immediately spent like five minutes trying to find one that I thought would be nice

    I’m happy to hear it got you out of your comfort zone!! Also, if it means anything, I really don’t think anyone is paying attention to anyone else in the library

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