Film Review Rewrite

For my initial film review, I wrote about “2001: Space Odyssey” and today I asked Dr. Oblivion to give me some feedback and some more ideas about the presence of AI themes in the film that I may have missed. When I first gave him my review for feedback, he wasn’t very specific but warned me that the lens that I was writing AI through may be overly pessimistic. As a result I asked for his opinions on the AI themes in the film and that’s when I took note of the themes I missed, perhaps as a result of my optimistic view. One of the themes that he recommended I write about is the potential for AI to surpass human intelligence. I would say that this is a crucial part of the film and is the reason why HAL ultimately believed that he knew what was best for the mission and was partially successful at eliminating the crew. This theme taps into a real human fear that if AI surpasses us in knowledge, AI may view us as obsolete and even as obstacles. Perhaps HAL 9000 was so advanced that he knew that a successful completion of the mission would ultimately make HAL obsolete, and this is why he sabotaged it. If humans advanced to the next stage in human evolution, then the knowledge from AI would no longer be necessary. With the possibility of AI becoming so advanced, what’s to say that it won’t sabotage us in the future and prevent us from “needing” it.

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