Bumper Sticker

I decided to create a bumper sticker because my other group members had the logos well covered. I also chose a bumper sticker because, at least in my personal experience, people mostly listen to podcasts or the radio in the car while driving. For this reason, I thought that advertising on a bumper sticker was the most appropriate.

I decided to go with a color scheme that matched the logo created by Tyler. I also think that blues are a good choice for anything sci-fi or AI related. I used “tuned into” because it suggests that the driver is listening to it constantly, which shows others that it’s a really good podcast. I also used signal towers as it seemed like an appropriate graphic that shows that it’s some sort of radio show. Of course, I wanted the name of the podcast to be bolded and underlined so people’s eyes gravitate towards the show name.

3 thoughts on “Bumper Sticker

  1. Hey! Your bumper sticker is really nice. I like how you have one main color and then just have different shades of it.

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