Audio Assignments

For my first audio assignment, I created a bit of audio using Chrome Music Labs. My original goal was to draw my imaginary friend from childhood, Carl the Octopus. After I finished his outline, I realized he was looking more like a bug, so I went with it and added antennas. Even though I was creating the audio based on coloring in the blocks, I still think it sounded ok. You can view/listen to my creation here.

The second audio assignment asked me to mix together at least 4 different scary audios to make one, ultimate spooky audio. I decided to use AI with this assignment by picking sounds that were very robotic and reminiscent of a robot takeover. I figured that this is what a lot of older people hear when someone on the news is talking about how AI will ruin everything.

Finally, I decided to implement my character in an assignment that asked me to record myself saying an inspirational quote and mix background music or instrumentals that seemed appropriate or inspiring. I decided to use text to speech software that said my character’s quote. I then mixed it with the sound of fire crackling, as that sound seemed as intense at the quote.

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