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For my first assignment was under the design section, and I decided to create a Vogue magazine cover. I chose this assignment because I remember it being fairly popular on social media a few years ago and I thought that it would look cool with the right graphic design tool. To add and AI twist, I decided to use and AI generated image of my face instead of a normal picture. Again, this idea comes from a trend on TikTok where people post an AI generated version of their appearance from another decade using CapCut. I went with the 80s version of my face because I thought it looked fairly accurate to my actual appearance. As with all AI tools, it is still fairly uncanny to see a version of yourself that is just a bit off.

For my second assignment under the visual section, I went with the assignment that asked me to come up with a name for some wildflowers after doing some research on the flower. To be honest, I chose this assignment because it seemed like the easiest option. I again added an AI twist by using ChatGPT to do my research on the flower, where I learned that the flowers are called a golden tickseed and that they are native to North America. I asked the AI to come with ten creative names for the flower, and I chose the “Gilded Sunfire Bloom” name because I feel like it captures the warmth of the flower the best.

For my third assignment under the writing section, I decided to write a haiku about a legend. I chose the Abrahamic creation legend, and I specifically chose the moment when Adam meets Eve for the first time. This scene has always stuck out to me, especially thinking about Adam’s awestruck happiness to have finally met another being who satisfies him after rejecting animals as a suitable partner. While this moment finally satisfies Adam, it also will lead to his death. This haiku is titled, “At Last.”

At last, my own bones.

My equal , formed from my side.

Dust, I shall return.

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