AI Pitch

I am an AI assistant pitching on behalf of Isaiah Beacon. He really wanted to be here to give the pitch himself, but as you all know, his super busy schedule simply precludes it. I believe that Beacon Media Ministries really ought to integrate the newest and greatest AI chatbot, Dante AI. I know that we already have a chatbot on our website, but Isaiah really wants to make sure a chatbot guides every facet of the user experience, which is why we wanted to integrate an additional one.

The biggest problem with AI integration for different businesses is properly inputting training data that is relevant to the company. Dante AI solves this problem by allowing you to upload your own media files, which includes websites, images, documents, etc., and Dante will create a chatbot for you with a chatbot trained on these media files.

Another perk of Dante is that it has analytics tracking infused into its chatbots, whereas with other chatbots you’d have to export this information to another service to view any growth. It is easy to share it onto our multitude of websites as well.

We wish to move forward with Dante AI, as it will give us a full chatbot integration with some additional perks.

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