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I enjoyed what Digital Detox had to say about art and AI. Largely, I agree with a lot of their comments and their outlook on AI. I do think we have an obligation to protect human artists first and foremost instead of allowing everyone to turn to AI for their art needs. On the other hand, I do think AI is something we need to learn to live with and manage because it’s not going away anytime soon. I liked the comparison of our current situation to the invention of the camera and how some artists in the 19th century were also very skeptical of its status as art.

For my entry, I wanted to go with a very simple prompt of asking the AI to create the four changing seasons. I used Bing and Stable Diffusion. After this very simple prompt, I got these outputs:

From this round, I think that Bing is the winner because Stable Diffusion is just showing the same season four times. For my improved prompt, I asked both of the AI to add people and I asked Stable Diffusion to make sure to show white for winter, green for summer, orange for fall, and flowers in the spring.

I believe Bing has won again because it was able to show me the different seasons with people. Stable Diffusion still wasn’t able to show the differences in the seasons too well and it didn’t add people.

From the assignment bank, I decided to do the evil business card and warped text assignments. For the evil business card, I did one for my character because he is somewhat self obsessed and steals money from donors so I think he falls under the bad guy trope.

For the warped text assignment, I was supposed to warp the text of a poem around an object. Unfortunately, my editing software doesn’t give me the option to warp text, so I did a text overlay as it’s similar. I wanted to pick a poem with a flower theme to match the picture. The poem is called “The Flower Poem” by Alfred Lord Tennyson.

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