Radio Show Progress

I am very proud of how our final radio show turned out and I am glad my group went the route we did when creating the show.

Originally, we were going to set aside time this week to record the interview segments as a group. We realized this would be too difficult with the use of voice changers, so we agreed to write all of our parts in a shared document and then record separately. While I realized that this would be easier on the recording end, I thought that the end result may end up being really awkward and clunky. I am happy to say that the final result flowed fairly naturally.

In terms of script writing, I think my part was fairly easy because as the host most of my lines are filler transitions. All in all it really didn’t take much to write and record all of my parts. I sent all of my clips to Robin who was in charge of editing.

Here is the final result:

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