Radio Show Ideas

It might be interesting to have this radio show focus more on the role of AI in different professional spaces and determine its advantages and disadvantages. We could almost do case studies of how its been implemented and if it has hurt or improved the company culture in different industries. In this analysis, it would also be interesting to see if some industries are hurt more than others and why this could be.

As for my character, Isaiah Beacon, I think he would do everything in his power to bring the attention of the radio show back to himself. I also think that anytime another character brings up a negative point about AI in the workplace, he would try to belittle and suppress their comments as much as possible. Isaiah also already has his own media empire, so it would be kind of funny to frame it as him having different guests on his show. I think all of the case study examples that Isaiah would bring up would be overwhelmingly positive to the point of obvious delusion. For example, he’d probably perform some mental gymnastics to vilify unions or individuals protesting their jobs being taken away by AI.

One thought on “Radio Show Ideas

  1. With a name like Isaiah Beacon, it makes sense that he’s an evangelist. Would he play the role of an on-air preacher, except promoting the gospel of the techno-optimist? With a preacher’s cadence and fire and brimstone imagery? You could have a lot of fun with this idea.

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