Propaganda Reactions

I chose three pieces of propaganda for Isaiah Beacon to react to, one that’s anti-AI and two that’s pro-AI. Starting with the anti-AI propaganda, Xander’s poster is particularly critical of Aggressive Technologies due to being fired from them in the past. Isaiah would say that Xander was likely a lazy employee who didn’t know how to be efficient enough. With the growing power of AI, it is essential for employees like Xander to be able to compete and cooperate with AI.

Isaiah appreciated Josh’s sticker as it shows the full power of Aggressive Technologies and their forward thinking innovations. Isaiah is impressed with Josh’s hardworking ethic and incredible intelligence, and he is eagerly waiting for the flying cars.

Finally, Isaiah really loved Lady Alice’s poster as it portrays a future that Isaiah wishes to see. Isaiah believes that the intermixing of AI and humans are the best thing for the survival of the human race. Isaiah has some more traditional values as well so he loves the Normal Rockwell inspiration. I believe that Isaiah would have this hanging above his dining room table.

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