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When thinking of and creating the different audio assignments, I was definitely thinking of my own experience listening to podcasts and how the different audios were used and recorded. I then applied this knowledge to the context of my character, Isaiah Beacon, and I think I came up with a couple of creative audios that worked well for the character.

First, I created the outro because it seemed like the most important part. Again, I was thinking about podcasts I’ve listened to and how the outro sometimes takes 1-3 minutes while the host gives appropriate credit and then plugs premium content that listeners can subscribe to. I used an AI voice generator to do the voice of Isaiah, and I think the voice I picked it pretty spot on to how I’ve imagined it. I then picked some upbeat, electronic music for the background. I had a fun time advertising the premium content and having Isaiah guilt his congregation into subscribing or donating because I think that’s what he’d do.

Second, I created a commercial for Isaiah Beacon Ministries, and I once again used an AI voice generator for the commercial voice. Originally, I was just going to make a commercial that just advertised service times and to increase church attendance. I then realized that Isaiah’s media empire is bigger than just services, so I expanded a bit to include the media offerings as well as the services. I was going to end the commercial after she mentions the educational content, but then I thought it would be funny to advertise a homeschool product launch so parents can safely raise their children in a pro-AI environment. This is pretty on par for Isaiah as he’s always looking ahead towards the future, so he may as well indoctrinate the children now. I once again using more uplifting, electronic music for the background.

3 thoughts on “Logic Pod Audios

  1. I think you really nailed it. I was home schooled as a kid and home schooled my kids for a while. People home school for so many different reasons. Your commercial sounds so very real. You really captured the isolationists that home school. I was like yup there would be a homeschool group for that.
    p.s. my kids have been going to public school now for a few years.

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