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An AI film that I watched was “2001: A Space Odyssey.” This film has a very pessimistic view of AI and was one of the first films to perceive it as a potential threat to humanity. In connection the should we use AI at all question, I don’t think this film outright says that we should never use it. HAL and AI are implied to be tools that we as humans need to conquer in order to reach the next stage in our human evolution. As the film suggests, we can conquer AI and therefore prevent the apocalypse by using more manual tools, like the wrench in the movie, to overcome our dependence upon AI. In my personal experience, I have found AI to be very useful when it comes to the creative side of my professional experience and I think that it should be embraced more. I have done a lot of copywriting for different internships and using AI as a tool to rewrite my copy to be more cohesive and to edit has been very useful.

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  1. I’d be interested to see if good old Dr. Oblivion has an advice for you on tightening up this review to focus more on the AI and its significance. Your online tutor is always just a link away: https://oblivion.university

    Perhaps with your copy editing, you can add some more focus and cohesion to your review of 2001 with the help of AI 🙂

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