Design Reflections

Prior to watching the videos and reading the articles, I feel like my understanding of design was more surface level. As I am studying and working in marketing, I have spent a decent amount of time designing graphics for my courses or for my email newsletter at work. I kind of viewed the task in terms of tasks versus a design as a whole. For example, for a sales promotion graphic, I was only concerned with:

  • Dates of the sale
  • Sale price
  • Picture of item on sale
  • Making it look good

The videos and articles forced me to look how each of the elements of a design play off of each other, especially the Vanity Fair video on the use of blank space. I was particularly interested in the cultural relationship between movie posters and book covers, and how books covers have historically influenced trends in movie posters.

In terms of books covers, I had never thought about how a book cover tells a story of a story. In my personal experience, I sometimes have a creative block when trying to figure out the best way to visually relay a piece of information. I cannot even imagine how intimidating this task is to create a book cover.

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